6 businesses you can start under $1000 (2019)

We human beings have a lot of time to focus on building a successful career, but we lack the basic techniques needed in starting a commercial business. Most people are of the misconception that for starting a business, you need a lot of money. 

But that’s entirely wrong, ambition and an intuitive idea are what get required for starting a business at home. But yes, a small investment is always needed to start a business just for the sake of covering the essential tools required before getting started. 

This small investment is very vital as it helps in building a strong foundation for your business to become a successful enterprise later in the future. So, below, we are listing six prominent business which can get started with a small investment of around 1000 US dollars. Let us have a look at those:

1. Technical Support:

Cloud computing has become immensely proliferated nowadays. This proliferation has led to many technical issues happening in the web network. This attribute has called for more number of businesses taking up the stage of technical support as it requires a lot of workforces to dissolve these technical issues. 

This business requires a small investment to start on but has all the necessary characteristics to become a successful one in the future. Starting your business as a technical support enterprise can bring you out of tight budget problems. 

It also presents you with a chance to house technical specialists in a small number depending on your budget and increase them later, depending on your success. 

The crucial points needed for housing a sound technical support enterprise would be to employ people who have a good experience in handling professional roles. It also requires people who have knowledge of cutting-edge systems with fast problem-solving skills.

One of the noteworthy features of having a technical support business is that the assistance or help can also be delivered virtually by employing phone support or chat support. 

According to PayScale, technical support enthusiasts earn around 18-19 US dollars per hour on an average. These statistics prove that technological support enterprise might be an ideal business to start with a small investment. 

2. Software Development:

Developing software or creating a software program is also one of the demanding businesses nowadays. But unlike other companies, though it needs a small investment to start one, this business also requires proper skills, experience, and equipment to prosper into a rewarding career. 

This business also requires in-depth knowledge of software architecture, and access to tools such as Sketch and GitHub is very much essential. But most of your investment goes behind purchasing a reliable computer as starting a software development business requires a piece of stable equipment. 

Most of the people prefer Mac over Windows computers as they have a faster processing speed and have a better life compared to Windows. But investing in too many Mac computers may put your budget beyond the 1000 dollar mark. 

Hence before starting this business, you should plan ideally of what is available and purchase the best which comes under your budget. This business can be profitable to you, as software developers earn around 27-28 dollars per hour on an average.

3. Freelance Writing:

The freelance writing business is one of those businesses which are cost-effective. The most you may need for starting this business would require a laptop, a good writing program such as MS-Word, Google Docs, Open Office or Pages, and an account on a platform such as a Freelancer or Upwork. 

Having years of experience and qualifications in fields such as journalism, literature, or current affairs would add a cherry to the cake on your business. Though these qualifications will help you a lot in commanding your business, it is not necessarily required. 

This business is mostly dependant on the process of learning, and with time, everything can get learned on how to perform it at a higher rate and growth. 

But yes, this field requires good command on the language you prefer to start this business with, and you should also possess the ability to look out for companies that offer such opportunities. 

Writing for a newspaper or a magazine is more stringent than writing for companies, as most of the companies or client expect a different style of writing form your content writers. 

The best thing to do before starting your freelance writing business is to create a blog post. In this blog post, you can discuss or post the various types of articles your startup can write on. This step also provides you the needed push as it helps in advertising the content you possess. 

Most of the companies nowadays do for searching freelance content writers, especially companies that focus on shopping and fashion. This business is hugely on demand, and the average hourly rate for a freelance content writing enterprise is around 22-23 dollars.

4. Graphic Designing:

One of the ideal businesses for beginners to start with is being a graphic designer. Graphics designers are always on the roll as they can work on various project types. The different project types may include design packaging, designing beautiful posters, company logos, billboards, magazine layouts, and many more. 

Provable experience with education or training in the field of graphic design will provide you with more excellent results. A website that houses the various credentials of your enterprise will also provide your business with the necessary boost. Because of this step, most of the clients can examine your work and approach your enterprise based on its capability. 

Graphic designers today rely on many image softwares such as Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop. These softwares are not available for free and do come with a small subscription fee. The subscription fees are of a less amount and can easily fit in with the budget of your business. 

But these softwares are mandatory if you want your enterprise to grow at a faster rate. A graphic designing setup might also require a drawing board or tablet. Drawing board or table can help you in exploring various ideas hand by hand. These things can later be transformed the same way into your computer. 

So, please consider some excellent tablets or drawing boards at the starting of your business. This business provides you with an average hourly rate of 17-18 dollars. 

5. Accounting:

Another noteworthy business that helps you find regular doses of work under eminent enterprises, leading organizations, and sole traders. It will also result in high profits if you enclose certified accountants in your accounting enterprise.

But what are the types of jobs you can expect in an accounting business? Accounting businesses consist of tasks such as managing finances, ensuring the company pays the taxes within due time, and also help the companies in improving their efficiency. These jobs also assist the companies in avoiding costly mistakes or oversights, which might deter their future completely. 

Starting an accounting business requires very little investment, but it does need you to invest a lot of time in it. This step is because the business primarily depends upon working with clients and reforming their financial records. 

You might even house some excellent project management softwares such as Trello, Asana to finely lubricate your accounting enterprise. Certified Accountants earn more than 20-21 dollars per hour on an average. 

6. Event Management:

Mixed race secretary working in modern office in skyscraper, writing and sticking adhesive notes with tasks on window.

If you have a good knack in handling business events or family functions, then event management might be the right business you should look into. Not just family events or business events, event management also involves planning various other activities such as conferences, award ceremonies, college parties, and many more. 

The prominent job in an event management company would be to discuss ideas with clients that suit their needs. The Ideas may consist of finding ideal locations for their events, managing budgets in the right way, organizing the best catering available, and many more. 

Though this business can get started with a small investment, it requires highly skilled personalities for smooth operation. Event management requires excellent experience in coordinating events, excellent organizational skills, and also, it should enclose people who can think outside the box with higher flexibility. 

This business can get a higher credibility value if you employ people who have earned a Certified Special Events Professional designation or a degree in event planning or management. This business provides you with an average hourly rate of 17-18 dollars.

Can businesses get started quickly?

Starting a commercial business might sound like a daunting task, but today there are many options present in the marketplace which can provide ample opportunity to everyone. Anyone fuelled with an ambition to prosper can easily find a way to thrive in any field. 

As they say, for an egg to hatch, it doesn’t require a giant nest but requires the ideal environment needed to hatch. It might be very strenuous during the early days of your business, but with high levels of commitment and work, you are sure to reach the house of prosperity and success. 

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