Top 10 Games for Playstation 4 and Xbox (2019)

Nowadays, you can find an Xbox or a Playstation in every urban household. Playstations and Xboxes are selling like hotcakes in the digital stores due to their massive liking with this generation of kids. Many people would know which Playstation or Xbox to buy depending on their budget and quality. But why are you going to use these Playstations or Xboxes? To play lucid and attractive games in them, right. 

Most people love to play shooting games in these types of equipment, but there some more who playing mind games as well as adventurous games. So, below here, we have made a list of the Top 10 games which can get used for playing in both the Playstation and Xbox. Let us have a look at them.

10. Far Cry: New Dawn

Far Cry New Dawn is one of those games played in Playstations, which is both adventurous and shooting type. The assets and reconfigurations used in this game are impressive to the core. Game development has become an expensive business nowadays, and if you do not house a game that does not have creative graphics embedded within them, then you are bound to experience some fallout in your business. 

Far Cry New Dawn is one of those original games which house a fresh coat of paint in them and gets mastered with a stroke of brilliance. All the locations which come while playing the game look beautiful, and you feel like going back to those places again and again. 

It looks the gaming company has given the developers some liberties to try out something new, and the developers have utilized this chance thoroughly. They have made the game look more adventurous than threatening. 

They have supplied the company with impressive results both in the setting of the game and in its appearances. The game consists of buried ruins, purple wildflowers, and vibrant overgrowth in its whole background, making it look incredible every time we play.

9. Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus is one of those games which gives you the feel of playing games in the early 2000s. The game is quite messy to play around and consists of many full of stock situations to deal with. Though the game doesn’t work out in all cases as it is quite experimental due to its vintage feeling. But still, it creates a job or a series of moments that are memorable and compelling. 

It is a game which is a bit unpolished compared to the games which have become predominantly famous nowadays, but it is still a great game to play when you are playing alone. The game has smeared itself in an everlasting layer just for the sake of convincing the player that it belongs to every genre of gaming. 

Lastly, the game provides you with everything you need, particularly heavy doses of entertainment, but for this, you may have to invest some quality time and energy.

8. Kingdom Hearts III

If you are a fan of kingdom games or key blade games, then here is a game you must try playing. One of those influential games which you can play in PlayStation, The Kingdom Hearts III game, gets classified as the best kingdom games which can get played in a Playstation or Xbox.

The game comprises of a unique narration which will let you spellbound as it resembles the same type of storytelling which we can hear in prestigious kingdom movies. This game consists of weird levels that are fun to play with and provides you with the utmost enjoyment while playing. The game houses implosive setups and magnificent appearances to all of its characters. Overall the game provides you with a real feel of handling a powerful kingdom.

7. Mortal Kombat 11

Mortal Kombat 11 is one of those games which can convert regular players into expert players. It comprises of easy to follow steps, which can let anybody learn this game quite easily and quickly. But yes, you have to play this game multiple numbers of times to learn it more accurately as it consists of many levels in it, which are quite difficult to crack

This game houses a unique setting in it, which does not affect the regularity of your playing. One of the best games in the fighting community this game provides you with lots of advantages in each level, making you an expert player within days of playing it. This game is so impressive that it has made a lot of players dedicated to this game entirely when it comes to fighting or shooting games. 

This game also offers lots of creativity as players can introduce their fighting techniques when they are playing using a multiplayer setup. This game advises you to play it carefully as there are many mysteries present in it at each level, which will undoubtedly blow your mind once you encounter them. 

6. Apex Legends

A game which is just like the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, most famously called PUBG in mobile games, Apex Legends is a game that helps you in letting out your ferocity in bursting out gates or bombing out enemy sites. This game is quite faster compared to other fighting games present in the Playstation or Xbox segment. 

This game has that futuristic setup embedded in it, which makes you feel as if you are playing somewhere around 10-12 years in the future. Though this game is always a victim of a few bugs every time, it has a peculiar design, which makes each gamer to love it to the core. 

The developers of this game are always at work and are committed to making this game relatively bug free in the following number of days. This game boasts of an incredible sound manual and has an exquisite communication system housed in it, which brings about a faster experience in multiplayer setups. Lastly, this game also presents you with the option of totally changing the appearance of your character.

5. Devil May Cry 5

Devil May Cry 5 is a game that lets you feel that you are one of the most relaxed people on earth while playing it due to its enigmatic setup. Though this is one of those games to complete in a short period, it does provide you with lots of options to regain your health and upgrades from time to time. 

It also provides every character with multiple options of handling the different situations which come across in the game. A type of boss fight games in Playstation segment, it presents you with an opportunity to regain your health fully before every boss fight. 

The noteworthy feature of this game is that it gifts you beautiful orbs, which may be the usual red orbs or special gold orbs every time you win a boss fight. The number of orbs you get will result in more chances of winning this game easily. This game can be also get classified as one of the most badass games in the field of Playstations and Xboxes and gives you every tool and opportunity to win it.

4. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Are you a person who loves playing games for fun? If yes, then Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice game must enter your favorite games list. This game presents of tightrope combat setup, which is very much fun to play with. 

This tightrope combat setup is extensively hard to play with, as it requires a delicate balance of patience, precision, and timing. Though the game is fun to play with, you might get furious over time as it presents chances of falling from the rope if the above three are not correctly utilized. 

This game is both physically and intellectually satisfying due to its extravagant setup and comprises of numerous challenger who never grows old. You might feel uncomfortable the first time you play this game due to its defense-oriented mechanism, but slowly you will start loving it to the core by the usage of new skills and techniques.

3. Sea of Solitude

Though this game comes as one of the top games in the Playstation and Xbox segment, it takes many numbers of times to get registered in your minds because of its traumatic setup. This game is primarily for game enthusiasts who love real action like cuts and bruises on the body with blood seeping out from the knees or shoulders. 

It is because of these features present in the game you are bound to get distracted at each level of the game, increasing the sector of difficulty. This one is a tough game to crack, but you are sure to get addicted to it once you start playing it continuously.

The protagonist of this game has a wild and monstrous appearance featuring kay—ashen and a red-eyed body. The noteworthy feature of this game and why it is difficult is because every time you learn a new trick, the protagonist discovers the same. It is up to you to find a skill or strategy of how to confuse the protagonist and win the game quickly. 

This game helps in improving your mental ability as it deals with aspects such as distraction, concentration, and dedication. This game can also be used to treat patients as it provides lots of clinical realities embedded in it.

2. A Plague Tale: Innocence

A Plague Tale: Innocence_20190520002346

This game comprises of a subtle and believable approach that reinforces your characterization or approach in playing a game altogether. This game gets usually considered as a confident and a patient type of play. The story of this game gets folded slowly there in avoiding the urge to finish a game in a swift period. 

The story consists of increasing elaborate set prices, which helps you in solving the puzzles of the game with its predictable regularity. It always allows you to handle the game in your way or technique and never let the pace of your game come down.

The game is a boon for action lovers as it comprises of many action sequences and also provides basic plots for the development of your character in each level of the game. Every time you develop your role in the game, it paces swiftly towards the end level. 

1. Outer Wilds

The number one game for any Playstation or Xbox, Outer Wilds, seems to be a mashup of most of the topmost games in the fighting segment. The whole setup of the game gets built around a recurring time loop where you will fly from one planet to another planet for finding ancient secrets lying beneath them. 

This game will drive you crazy as it lets you explore many unknown destinations on each planet, bringing out the hidden explorer inside you. This game derives full marks for its extravagant and magnificent setup which comprises of exotic locales with beautiful sceneries. 

Every technique gets implemented in this seamless game uniquely, and it surely provides you with the feel of playing such a thing never before in your life. It houses lightsaber types of swords and helps you in building your rocket out of wood to explore different planets in the solar system.

This game comprises of all categories which include adventurous, racing, shooting and fighting. You can race your rocket with the other people present in the multiplayer setup and find out the hidden treasure located on the planet quicker than anyone else. 

You have to fight with the different types of aliens present on each planet and follow the map given to you at the starting of each level to find the hidden treasure. Be careful, as the developers have created aliens who are sturdy as well as scary. This game is a total package as it lets you fight with powerful aliens, races your counterparts in the game, and, finally, unlock the hidden treasure. 

Final say on above games is that:

So, above, we have discussed the nature, set up, and easiness of playing each game, which is featured under the Top 10 games for Playstation and Xbox in 2019. So grab up your equipment and try each game mentioned in the list before finalizing your preferred game and getting yourself dedicated to it. 

My personal choice would be the Outer Wilds, as it promises to be the complete package of everything and provides you with lots of fun and entertainment while playing.

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